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A painting of a landscape
Daniel Chen

36″ x 60″
Oil on Canvas


Daniel Chen

Opening Reception: Th 1 Aug 5p – 7p
Exhibition Run:
We 24 Jul – Sa 31 Aug

In PROCESS, Daniel Chen asks the viewer to consider both the artist’s technical and conceptual approach (his process), as well as the way they regard, internalize, and contextualize their own experience with his work (their process).

Instead of pursuing a legal career after college, Daniel chose to follow his true passion, and now his artistic practice revolves around the exploration of space, color, and memory. Using oil on canvas, he employs linear planes, pixels, and striking color shifts to create enigmatic landscapes and memories. His work draws significant inspiration from Impressionists and currently encompasses two series: ‘Pixels’ and ‘Interiors and Exteriors.’ Influenced by artists like Claude Monet, Francis Bacon, and David Choe, Daniel’s work represents a unique fusion of diverse artistic elements.

The building has limited accessibilty. If negotiating stairs is challenging for you, please arrange a private viewing and we will gladly make accommodations.

A painting of mountains and a bay at sunset
Chrstina Kent
Sunset from Mount Tamalpais

48″ x 96″
Oil on Canvas


Christina Kent

Opening Reception: Th 1 Aug 5p – 7p
Exhibition Run:
We 24 Jul – Sa 31 Aug

Throughout CAPTURE, Christina Kent collects ephemeral slivers of the sublime created by the infinite permutations of light upon cityscapes and landscapes, channeling them through the brush and palette knife onto her deeply evocative canvases.

A former PhD economist, Kent’s transition to painting was catalyzed by a realization that the rational economic lens was insufficient to capture the profound complexity inherent in human experience. Through her paintings she reflects on the subtle nuances hidden in mundane moments of everyday life.

Observing the shifts of light and color throughout the year, Kent’s impressionistic and atmospheric paintings highlight the bittersweet nature of fleeting moments.

The building has limited accessibilty. If negotiating stairs is challenging for you, please arrange a private viewing and we will gladly make accommodations.

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I am a Barn

Don Hershman



I AM A BARN is the first solo exhibition of Don Hershman’s work at Radian, an unveiling of the beauties of life’s trials.

Fresh off the success of his highly publicized CODE SWITCHING show at Tribeca’s renowned Salomon Arts Gallery, Hershman is in top form with this latest collection, a profound exploration of life’s journey through the lens of aging barns, houses, and shacks.

This captivating exhibit, comprising twenty-two new large and small-scale works meticulously painted on wood panels, invites viewers to embark on a reflective journey through the artist’s own experiences of resilience, creativity, and wisdom.

The gallery has limited accessibilty. If negotiating stairs is challenging for you, please arrange a private viewing and we will gladly make accommodations.

a painting of a white barn by don hershman
Barn #2
84″ x 72″
Acrylic, Pencil, and Ink on Wood Panel

Fleur Pouvoir

Annual Group Invitational

Fleur Pouvoir was 2024’s botanical-themed group invitational, an annual exhibition at Radian. Contributing artists include Douglas Benezra, Sarang Byrne, J Church, Scott Idleman, JL King, Linda Larson, Heather MacDougall, Tom O’Brien, Phe Ruiz, and Ali Saif.

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Fleur Pouvoir botanical art exhibition logo


Yari Ostovany

Yari Ostovany‘s work is processed-based and improvisational, straddling the nebulous realm between the mystical and the mysterious. His canvases are fields of thinly-laid pigments, with a deft hand and keen eye that bring the viewer to the crossing point of the unconscious, the personal, and the collective.

Yari’s work is an unfolding evolutionary process through densely atmospheric organic compositions, made over time with layer upon layer of thick and thin washes and glazes, luminous and opaque. Often starting with calligraphic gestural marks, solid forms which then are scoured into, scraped away, going back and forth until another dimension – a sense of resonance – arises. It is at this point that the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts, where forms and marks become metaphors for a transcendent reality.

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Piece of Artwork by Sarang Byrne

Yari Ostovany
The Pilgrim and the Stars 3
Oil on Canvas


Ronnie Genotti

Ronnie Genotti captures intense passion through his work, which is notable for its energetic brush strokes and broad yet pleasantly harmonious color palettes.

Ronnie strives to capture raw expressions of what he has seen and felt – experiences that are stones in our souls and have come to shape our lives; Experiences that are confused by memory yet still glue us to points in our past. His objective is to get them out into the world, pinning them like butterflies to a board, so that we can examine them not on their own terms but on ours.

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Piece of Artwork by Sarang Byrne

Ronnie Genotti
Oil on Canvas


Sarang Byrne
Sabin Filip
Ronnie Genotti
Scott Idelman
Susan Kirshenbaum
Nate Mahoney
Yari Ostovany
Phe Ruiz
Ali Saif
William Salit
Osaze Seneferu

Adaptation. Migration. Hibernation. Contemplation. Introspection. Innovation. Creation.

Like birds, seeds, insects, trees, and so many other living creatures that overwinter in sheltering environments, artistic concepts spend a great deal of time within their creators’ hearts and minds before being brought into the light and released into the environment, where they either flourish, or die.

Please join us for a group exhibition of work that is clearly bursting forth with the vigor and determination to live.


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Piece of Artwork by Sarang Byrne

Joseph Abatti

Piece of Artwork by Sarang Byrne

Nate Mahoney

Piece of Artwork by Sarang Byrne

Daniel Chen

Fall Forward:

Andrea Fono
Anna Kim
Richard Turtletaub

Andrea Fono‘s dreamlike monoprints are fleeting and fluid, the vibrancy and detail of the initial plate impression never to be captured the same way again.

Anna Kim visually weaves stochastic tapestries of color and gesture – not with a loom but with the blade of a palette knife.

Richard Turtletaub’s work is asking us to spend more time looking at and longing for a world that celebrates simple beauty.

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A monoprint titled "Upon Reflection"

Andrea Fono

A painting titled "Compassion"

Anna Kim

A painting titled "Back Abstracted"

Richard Turtletaub





Osaze Seneferu’s paintings deal with ancestry, the unknown, and identity. He uses various techniques as a metaphor to carve experiences into history, creating artifacts that capture contemporary moments, displaying gratefulness and paying homage by way of ritual and nuances to his experience as a young Black male.

The subjects of Osaze’s pieces are at once anonymous and startlingly familiar, as if you’ve been presented with an image of someone you passed on the street years ago, but immediately recognize and remember when presented with their portrait. This trick of memory brings with it unexpected emotions, and calls to mind also our shared experience as lonely beings anonymized by the vast permutations of humankind.

The work itself is presented as rough-hewn parchments, or fragments of tablets. The economy of gesture Osaze achieves, especially in his smaller pieces, is remarkable for the richness of expression and emotion it conveys.

Phe Ruiz will tell you she paints because she has to, and that she usually paints on Fridays. This practical explanation is borne out in the work itself, which is bold and colorful, consisting of definitive lines and broad fields of intense color. The pieces convey an unspoken, somewhat curious narrative that seem to move straight from the mind of the artist onto the canvas in a deft, yet evocative manner. The titles, which often feature visually isolated characters and fantastic animals in tumbling dreamscapes, are equally as straightforward, with most expressed as a single, descriptive word or two that somehow captures an encyclopedia of emotions.

Phe starts with drawings, then performs studies in watercolor on paper, and finally translates the pieces into larger works of acrylic on canvas. The pigments are mixed with rabbit skin glue, which gives an extreme flatness and deep richness of hue to the paint.

Primarily self-taught, Ruiz’ work is free of formality and convention, making it highly accessible and open to the personal interpretations of the viewer.

Nimisha Doongarwal explores the dynamic between imagination and what is visible. These portraits challenge viewers to contemplate how gender and racial biases shape our society. Through mixed media, she creates visually striking identities that encourage reflection on the ways biases impact individuals. These are imaginary people shaped by their stories, emphasizing the idea that we are unique individuals beyond appearances.

By employing a wide palette of mixed media, Nimisha challenges conventional notions of identity by celebrating diversity and cultural heritage. She also incorporates elements of her own cultural heritage into the work, seeking to reclaim and celebrate the rich and vibrant traditions and histories of colonized people.

As an artist, Nimisha aims to inspire viewers to work towards dismantling systems of inequality. Her art serves as a platform for change, amplifying marginalized voices and experiences, ultimately celebrating the resilience and triumphs of women and marginalized communities. Seeing people from the heart, not just the eyes, allowing us to appreciate their stories and experiences.

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Osaze Seneferu, New Patina, 2022
Acrylic on Paper, 32″ x 42″

Phe Ruiz, Two Figures, 2023
Acrylic on Canvas, 42″ x 34″

Nimisha Doongarwal, Colonial Contrast, 2022
Acrylic on Canvas, 12″ x 12″

from the

A solo exhibition of abstract paintings by San Francisco artist Ali Saif. Features works from across Saif’s career, reflecting his decades-long exploration, in oil colors, of light, gesture, texture, and movement.

“Letters from the Saifhouse” is the first-ever comprehensive, multi-decade gallery show of Saif’s oil paintings. As with so many artists in the Bay Area, the realities of making a living meant that for Ali painting was, despite his training at the storied San Francisco Art Institute, largely confined to an off-hours activity. Thus, previous exhibitions of his work came primarily through group shows and open studio events. This solo show ends that relative obscurity, putting on impressive display the sensibilities of a master who has spent decades perfecting his craft.

The breadth of Saif’s talents as a painter are clearly seen through the quiet forcefulness of his brush strokes and the intuitive dashes of brightness that trim the rich and thickly textured colorfields which form the backgrounds of his canvases. In nearly every piece one can find a portal, usually a dark arch or doorway of sorts, that beckons the viewer irresistibly deeper.

Ali’s work has developed steadily over the decades, the general arc showing more deft and nuance, with periods where weight and structure took precedence giving way to more lyrical plays between gesture and color. Some of his current work, which was included in the recent Radian exhibition, “Moda Botanica,” moves into the territory of representational art through its depictions of tulips standing bold and bright against rich backdrops of stormy blue-grays or deeply passionate bull’s blood reds.

View this show on the Radian ARTSY Portal

Ali Saif, Untitled, Undated

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Yari Ostovany: Mystical Expressionism

Yari Ostovany's work calls to mind painters as divergent as Rothko and Turner. His inspirations are similarly, seemingly unrelated: The 12th century Sufi poet Attar of Nishapur and modern composers such as Gustav Mahler and Keith Jarrett. The confluence of these...

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